Fabulous Garden Ideas

Use your old plant pots and saucers to make a bird bath, and add a few stones so that insects can access the water without drowning. Ready in minutes!

Use your old bird feeders by repurposing them as a go-to for nesting materials. These ones contain old wool and down feathers – perfect!

This old wheelbarrow sits under some fruit trees and provides almost year-round nectar with snowdrops in the winter, lungwort in the spring and wild geranium (cranesbill) in the summer. Try planting your interesting old cans with herbs to create a garden full of character.

Dead hedges and branches make wonderful borders in your garden. They’re also fantastic habitat for invertebrates, small mammals and amphibians.

Old pallets can be used to create bug hotels and compost bins. Just make sure to check them for the initials SF(sulphuryl fluoride) and MB(methyl bromate), as these are highly toxic pesticides.

Wood chip paths between borders are really effective, and piles of cut branches can be used to delineate different areas.

Worn out garden furniture can be combined with interesting containers to a create lovely display.

Old patio stones and bricks make wonderful hedgehog houses and feeding stations.

Create a butterfly bank in a sunny spot in your garden by heaping a layer of chalk over top soil, and then planting a seed mixture of chalk meadow flowers and grasses.

Leave wildflowers to grow between the cracks in your patio and use old lighting fixtures to make a bug house!