Plant a Tree

Welcome to our Plant a Tree page! As you can see, Wilderhood Watch members have been very busy over the past two years planting native trees and hedges in local schools. Please contact us if you know of a school or other local green space which would benefit from some tree planting.

We source most of our trees from the Woodland Trust but would be very happy to receive any saplings you find growing in your garden to pass on to the St Albans Tree Action Group. Local tree seedlings tend to be much better at getting established than saplings brought in from elsewhere and planting them reduces the chance of spreading diseases. Please put your saplings in a pot with as much root as possible and pass them on to Danielle at

On November 5th 2021 we’ll be planting 105 trees in the grounds of St John Fisher School, St Albans, using the ‘Year round Colour’ tree pack which is being offered free to schools by the Woodland Trust. We’re planning to plant wild cherry, silver birch and rowan trees along an exposed brick boundary wall at the edge of the playing field. The hawthorn, dogwood and hazel will be planted in the corner of the field around existing trees, creating a woodland area with natural pathways for the children to follow. If you’d like to volunteer to help with this, please contact

Other tree projects coming up soon will hopefully include planting a 100m long native hedge at the Oaklands Apiary, funded by Affinity Water.

Wilderhood Watch members planted trees in our neighbourhood in the Winter of 2018/2019 as part of the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback Campaign.

Our latest tree planting was on January 19th 2019, when we planted some more trees at Bernards Heath Junior School – 27 in all, a mixture of silver birch, wild cherry and rowan.

To help raise money for seeds and trees, we had a Wilderhood Watch stall at the Sandringham School Christmas Fair on December 7th 2018. Items for sale included organically grown pollinator friendly seeds, greetings cards and knitted Christmas tree decorations. Thank you to everyone who came along to support us!

On November 30th 2018, we planted thirty trees at Bernard’s Heath Junior School, to create two mini copses which will hopefully eventually provide shelter for the children and habitat for wildlife. They were mixture of Silver birch, Crab apple and Wild cherry.

Also, on October 10th 2018, our Wilderhood Watch team planted a hedgerow at Bernard’s Heath Infant School, in collaboration with parents, Year 2 children and the PTA. Between us, we planted ninety saplings of Hazel, Hawthorn, Dog rose, Crabapple and Dogwood.

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