Top Tips for Attracting Swifts

  1. Mount swift boxes at least 5m above ground level.
  2. Place boxes facing North or East under deep eaves, on gables or high walls.
  3. Avoid fitting nest boxes in very exposed, cold, wet or hot positions.
  4. Make sure the swifts have a clear flight access by fitting the boxes away from tall trees, high walls or cables.
  5. Avoid placing nest boxes above doors or windows.
  6. As swifts like to live in colonies, if possible install multiple swift boxes.
  7. Sloping-roofed boxes will ensure rain doesn’t collect and predators can’t perch.
  8. Nest boxes made from woodstone are best, but they are heavy. Choose wooden boxes if your bricks are older and may struggle to support the weight.
  9. Use a PA system to play swift calls near your nest box. This will make it easier for the swifts to find it. Follow this link and scroll to the very bottom of the page to find detailed information on when to play your swift calls.
  10. Leave part of your garden to grow wild and dig a pond to attract multiple insects your swifts will love to eat.