The Wilderhood Watch 2021 Photography Competition

We will be launching our Wilderhood Watch 2021 Photography Competition at the start of the St Albans Sustainability Festival on May 23rd. From this date until the end of June, please send in your local wildlife photographs to so that we can enter them into our competition. As well as adding them to our 2021 Photo Gallery, we will pick winners in four categories: Over 18s, Secondary School pupils, Junior School pupils and Infant School children and below. Each entrant can submit up to three photos.

Prizes will include books kindly donated by talented local authors (and Wilderhood Watch members!) Joe Gray and Martha Dunlop for the older winners, and small hand-knitted hedgehogs for the younger ones.

Once Wilderhood Watch members have voted for their favourite photos, the winners will be announced in the first week of July.

The Wilderhood Watch Photography Competition 2020

Congratulations to our competition winners!

  • Over 18 – Jill PriestHoglets
  • Secondary School – Toby Davies (age 12), Leaf
  • Junior School – Eliott Forel (age 10), 7-Spot Ladybird
  • Infant School and below – Myles Lloyd (age 6), Wildflowers

Prizes were two small, hand knitted hedgehogs along with their very own hand built house!