The Park

Welcome to The Park Wilderhood Watch Group page!

We’ve been joining in with the Pollinator Highway project by planting meadows in our gardens as well as creating our Buzz Stops. The meadow shown above was sown in September 2023, and will hopefully grow to produce a lovely display of wildflowers next summer.

This meadow was sown in a neighbour’s front garden October 2021, and has been blooming every summer since with flowers including corncockles, poppies and yellow rattle (centre). In contrast, the meadow on the left is now 3 years old and full of yellow rattle, which should make room for other wildflowers to bloom later in the season.

Our Sustfest 2022 stall encouraged people to join in with our Sustainability project by growing their own vegetables.

During Sustfest 2021 we ran a Wilderhood Watch stall to raise awareness of all our street projects.

Pictured here is a tawny owl who we’re excited to report has taken up residence on our street.

Residents of The Park joined in with The 2020 Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge with some spectacular results.

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If you’d like to get involved with any of our projects, please contact our group co-ordinator, Sarah, on 07793436058.