The Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge 2022

Due to popular demand, we ran our Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge again this year as part of our ongoing Pollinator Highway projects, and also to show our support for Ukraine. This time we had over 20 Sunflower Stations open from the beginning of May, where St Albans residents could pick up their free packets of seeds.

Our sunflowers are now blooming all over St Albans, providing much needed pollen and nectar for pollinators over this particularly hot, dry summer.

Our Sunflower Station on Prospect Rd!

Sunflowers are easy to grow, but the slugs and snails do love them. Please don’t use slug pellets or other chemicals, as these are very harmful to the wildlife we’re trying to protect. Instead, sow your sunflowers in pots first, and plant out when they’re big enough to cope with a little nibbling. For even better results, dig a pond to attract natural predators like frogs and toads!

Check out this Sunflower Grow Guide for more info.

From Easter weekend 2021 all residents were able to pick up their free packet of sunflower seeds (multi-headed variety) from a number of locations across St Albans. Just like last year, we sourced our seeds from Bee Happy Plants, a UK company which sells only native, organically grown plants and seeds. Please email Nadia with the number of seeds you’ve planted and then send in a photo for our 2021 photo gallery once your sunflowers have bloomed.

If you’d like to enter our Tallest Sunflower Competition, please visit our Wilderhood Watch stalls during Sustfest, when we’ll be selling tall variety sunflower seedlings for you to plant. Once your sunflower is fully grown, send us a photo plus its height measurement, and you may win a prize!

The Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge 2020

Along with support from Grow Community – Sopwell, we challenged St Albans residents to plant as many sunflowers as possible in their gardens during the lockdown.

Despite lockdown, we managed to distribute over 1000 seed packets to residents by setting up several collection hubs around St Albans. Thank you to everyone who planted seeds, and for the wonderful photos you sent in of all your beautiful sunflowers!