St Saviour’s

We first scarified and seeded our St Saviour’s Buzz Stop in March 2020, just before what turned out to be a very dry Spring. Because of this, although some wild flowers did appear, a lot of the seeds failed to germinate. We decided to reseed it in November 2020 (as well as planting some native daffodils) and as you can see from the photos, our meadow has flourished.

Come July 2021, we now have increased biodiversity in the form of Birds Foot Trefoil, Yellow Rattle, Corncockle, Corn-flowers, Tall Buttercups, Ox-eye Daisies, Field Poppies, Red Sorrel, Self-Heal and White Campion. Not to mention all the white clover, a particular favourite of bees!

For more information and photos please have a look at the Boundary Rd Pollinator Highway Project page.