St Albans Hogways and Highways Challenge

Previously called our Winter Hedgehog Sign Challenge, this initiative has proved so successful that we’ve decided to make it a permanent fixture. If lots of your neighbours also would like to put up signs, you could use our challenge to kickstart your very own Hedgehog Street project! Meanwhile, please send us a photo of your sign to add to our photo gallery!

We’ve given away over 50 of our signs and are now asking for a donation towards the cost price of £7:50 each, so that we can keep supplying them. Please email if you would like to order some. We’re hoping that our signs will remind drivers to take care on the roads, and save our precious hedgehog population. We are also delighted to be supporting the St Albans 20’s Plenty Campaign.

Our robust weather-proof hedgehog signs are designed for residents to display in their front gardens. These are available to anyone who lives in St Albans or the surrounding area, regardless of whether or not they live on a Wilderhood Watch street. We are supplying them with pre-drilled holes and cable ties, making them easy to attach onto poles, posts, fences or gates.

Last month researchers at Nottingham Trent University released data showing that up to 335,000 hedgehogs are dying on our roads each year. They were alarmed that the death rate seems to have tripled from an estimate of 100,000 per year in 2016. 

In light of the fact that there are now only an estimated 1 million hedgehogs living in the UK (down from 30 million in the 1950’s), this is devastating news.

The researchers concluded that changing driver behaviour was integral to keeping hedgehogs safe on the roads. This is exactly what we’re going to try to do in St Albans, by challenging as many people as possible to put up hedgehog signs outside their houses this Winter.

Once residents have displayed their signs, we are asking them to send us a photo, so that we can add it to our Hedgehog Sign Photo Gallery. If you would like to join in with our challenge and order a hedgehog sign, please email