Sheppards Close Buzz Stops

In April 2024 we were excited to be granted permission from the St Albans City Council to plant wildflowers and bulbs on the two triangles of land at the intersection of Sheppard’s Close and Beech rd. We’ll be carrying out flower surveys in June and September with the help of Margaret Harris, a HMWT botanist, and then will use the results when deciding what to plant in the Autumn.

We were delighted to have been given the green light in 2023 to sow wildflower seeds on this grassy piece of land at the top of Sheppards Close. It may look small, but evidence shows that trees surrounded by meadow are much healthier, and less prone to being attacked by pests. So a little bit of planting can make a big difference.

If you’d like to help us plant and scarify our two new Buzz Stops in the Autumn, or donate funds for the purchase of seeds and bulbs, please contact