Sandridgebury Lane

Welcome to our Sandridgebury Lane Wilderhood Watch page!

Sandridgebury Lane backs on to the stunning North St Albans Green Belt, which tragically is in danger of being developed to meet widely disputed government housing targets. For more information on how you can help us fight this inappropriate development on ecologically irreplaceable land, please follow the link to our CLASH website.

Residents on Sandridgebury Lane are well aware of the wonderful diversity of plants and animals that this part of the green belt supports, and take pride in making our gardens as wildlife friendly as possible. We’ve already created features such as ponds and hedgehog holes, along with pollinator friendly planting, and would very much like to continue improving our neighbourhood for wildlife.

With this in mind, we’ve decided our first Wilderhood Watch project will be Swift Action. This will entail trying to attract more swifts to our neighbourhood by installing nest boxes under the eaves of our houses, along with PA systems playing swift recordings to help entice the birds.

If you’d like to be involved at all, please contact our street co-ordinator Gee Smedley.