Sandpit Lane Buzz Stop

Here’s Fiona litter picking at the site over half-term. It’s amazing to see the cow parsley flourishing, providing much needed food and habitat for pollinators.

It is now late Spring and our Buzz Stop is filled with native wildflowers, including garlic mustard and green alkanet. It looks stunning!

We are excited to report that our latest Buzz Stop is now on the Council’s tall herb mowing schedule, meaning it will only be mown once a year in Winter. This will allow the already diverse mix of wildflowers on the site a chance to flourish, providing food and habitat for the many insects who depend on them.

This site is home to a wide variety of wildflowers, including self-heal, which provides much needed nectar and pollen to pollinators in early Spring (top right).

Fiona from St Albans Pottery and co-ordinator of our Heath Rd and Walton St Wilderhood Watch group brought this species-rich verge to the SA Council’s attention. Her hard work resulted in it becoming one of our newest Buzz Stops!