Salisbury Ave and Garden Close

Welcome to the Salisbury Ave and Garden Close Wilderhood Watch page!

Tadpoles enjoying a Salisbury Ave garden pond (April 2022)

As part of our Pollinator Highway project, we are currently collaborating with Wilder St Albans to help monitor the District Council’s trial Meadow Wilding sites. At the moment we have been allocated plots 1,2 and 3 in Longacres park. We are also keen to create a Buzz Stop on the triangle of grass on Salisbury Ave, so have applied for the area to be included on the Council’s meadow mowing schedule.

We are excited to be launching a Community Recycling project soon, initiated by our streets along with Burnham Rd Wilderhood Watch.

As part of our Toad Road project, lots of us are digging ponds in our gardens. This is our newest one on Garden Close – complete with dead wood habitat and lots of stones round the edge creating hiding places for small creatures. Fantastic!

Inspired by all the beautiful ponds they saw on our Pond Walk, this family have recently dug their own. It’s now currently in its first colonisation phase (May 2022), which involves large amounts of mosquito larvae! Not to worry though – they’re an important food source for all the creatures we want to attract, like pond skaters, backswimmers, diving beetles, dragonfly nymphs, newts, frogs, bats and birds, and will soon get eaten. An amazing addition to our Salisbury Ave Toad Road!

Our Pond Walk on September 22nd 2021 was a great success, and has already enthused people to add a pond to their gardens as part of our Toad Road project.

Video footage of one of our Salisbury Ave hedgehog residents!

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If you live on Salisbury Ave or Garden Close and would like to become involved in any of our projects, please contact our co-ordinator, Steve Larkworthy (