Prospect Rd

Welcome to the Prospect Road Wilderhood Watch page! The group was set up in November 2021 and our first project is Hedgehog Street. We’ll be encouraging residents to link their gardens for hedgehogs by putting 13cmx13cm holes in their fences. Then our neighbourhood hedgehogs will be free to roam to find food water and mates.

This little hedgehog was caught on camera in a Prospect rd garden just this week! (May 2022)

Pictured here are two Prospect rd ponds – on the left is a 1-day old paddling pool pond, all ready for planting up, and on the right is a year old pond with lots of hiding places for wildlife!

Gardening for food and wildlife in Sopwell ward

Come along to our Wilderhood Watch and Grow Community Sopwell information stalls to find out how we can help you support wildlife and grow your own food. We’ll also have seeds and plants to swap or take (donations encouraged), to help you get started. We’ll be outside 46 Prospect Rd on Sunday 22 May and Saturday 28 May from 2 – 4pm.

We have a large variety of wildlife on Prospect rd which we’re passionate about protecting. Pictured here is a Garden Bumblebee on a nasturtium, a Common Frog, a super wildlife friendly pond, a Cinnabar caterpillar on some Ragwort, a Hoverfly and a Peacock butterfly.

Our aim is for Prospect Road to develop into a wildlife-friendly pathway, and we’ll be sharing tips on how you can join in whatever the season.

If you would like to get involved please contact our group coordinator Rebecca Sumner Smith at