Sustainable Eating

There are many ways to eat more sustainably. You could reduce your consumption of meat and dairy products, buy seasonal and organically produced items, or home grow your fruit and veg.

Wilderhood Watch members took on the challenge of cooking and eating more sustainably throughout the 3 weeks of the St Albans Sustainability Festival 2019. Our collaborative blog of vegetarian and vegan recipes that we ran from 11 May to 1 June 2019 is now gradually being added to by residents of both Lancaster and Burnham roads.

Vegan Christmas Menu

We have categorised all recipe blog recipes onto a separate recipe page, which we plan to continue adding to – if you have any delicious vegan or vegetarian recipes that you’d like to share, please email them to us!

Here are a few members of the Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads Wilderhood Watch group enjoying a sustainable picnic. We had a good selection of reusable sandwich wrappers between us, made of wax, fabric and reusable plastic. Charlotte brought some homegrown lettuce and rocket leaves, Hilary made some delicious scones, and Nadia baked sweet chilli cheese puffs and vegan ginger biscuits for us to snack on.

Groups involved so far:

Climate change: Which vegan milk is best?

Check out this recent BBC article comparing the environmental impacts of milk alternatives, including an interactive calculator that works out the greenhouse gas emissions and water usage associated with different food products.