Lancaster Road Buzz Stop

Our first ‘Buzz Stop’ is on the corner of Lancaster and Sandridge Roads, where members of Wilderhood Watch and the Green Party initially spent Saturday 5th October 2019 sowing seeds for a wildflower meadow. The native seed mixture we use contains hardy annual and perennial varieties.

After a couple of false starts, where our Buzz Stop meadow was inadvertently mown twice by the Council’s contractors, we are now happy to report that our Buzz Stop has been exempt from mowing since then. The grass grew significantly longer over Summer and some wild flowers began to appear.

On Saturday, November 7th 2020 we decided to rescarify and plant more wildflower seeds over part of the Buzz Stop area. Hopefully this will mean we’ll see lots more pollinator-friendly flowers growing this Summer.

Spring should also be more colourful, as on November 28th we planted 100 wild daffodil bulbs, and on December 15th we planted over 200 more along with volunteers from St Albans district Young Greens.

To make our Buzz Stop super pollinator- friendly, Hertfordshire City Council are cooperating with Clear Channel to replace the existing bus shelter with a purpose-built one with a sedum roof. Due to the lockdown, this has now been postponed to a later date.

Here are photos of our initial attempt to plant our wildflower meadowas you can see this was in pre-lockdown times!

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