Buzz Stops

Wilderhood Watch has been collaborating with the St Albans Green Party, Hertfordshire County Council and St Albans County Council to turn our neighbourhood bus stops into wildlife havens.

This collaboration has led to the inclusion of eight sites on the St Albans Summer Meadow trial programme, and one on the tall herb mowing schedule. This means that Council contractors mow once in October, plus once at the end of Winter (if needed), and just around the edges at other times, allowing wild flowers to bloom, grasses to grow and insects to flourish.

In collaboration with local churches, there are now also Buzz Stops at St Saviour’s, St Peter’s and Greenwood UR Church.

Buzz Stops so far:

Due to the popularity of sites such as these, Wilder St Albans has now created the Wilder Spaces scheme. This initiative invites citizens of St Albans to nominate communal green spaces to be left unmown, which we’re hoping will led to an explosion of native wild flowers and long grasses around the district. If you can think of a spot you’d like to nominate, please follow this link and make a request!

Residents have planted wildflower meadows in their gardens and at Buzz Stops as part of our Pollinator Highway project! We have already been seeing beautiful flowers popping up during May and June, and can’t wait to plant more all over St Albans next season.

Buzz Stops: successfully installed in Utrecht, Holland

On the Verge: community wildflower meadow planting in Stirlingshire, UK

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