Hedgehog Street – Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads

Our Lancaster Rd rescue hedgehog, Sir Lancelot, is still in the capable hands of Jill, after having suffered a relapse of his respiratory infection. He has now recovered, but may need to be overwintered inside if there are any signs it might come back again.

Here is Sir Lancelot relaxing after a tasty dinner!

This Lancaster Rd hedgehog was showing signs of dehydration during our recent heat wave. However, an overnight stay with Jill our hedgehog expert verified that he was actually in very good health, so he was released back into a close-by garden the following day.

One week after being rescued, Sir Lancelot was on the mend. He is now flea and tick free and thanks to the antibiotics his breathing was a lot better. Thank you Jill for looking after him so well!

Here is footage of Sir Lancelet being fed by Jill after being rescued from a Lancaster Rd driveway on July 15th by Wilderhood Watch members. He is now being treated with antibiotics to clear up a serious lungworm infection and hopefully should be well enough to be released in a couple of weeks.

If you see a hedgehog out during the day it very possibly needs help, especially if it’s looking lethargic, just like Sir Lancelot was. The Wildlife Trust has lots of helpful advice on what to do, and Lancaster/GC road members can always alert the Wilderhood Watch chat (in Sir Lancelot’s case, our Ladder Rd Hedgehog expert Jill Priest came to the rescue – thank you Jill!)

The Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads Wilderhood Watch Group officially launched the first Wilderhood Watch Hedgehog Street project on the 19th May 2019 as part of the St Albans Sustainability Festival 2019.

Our Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads Wilderhood Watch project involves:

  • Recording hedgehog activity,
31-05-19 – first recorded hedgehog entrance into one of our houses!

Contact us if you are a Hedgehog Street or have hedgehog activity in your neighbourhood and would like a sign put up outside your house!

Click here to join the change.org Hedgehog Highway facebook group. For more excellent advice, please also check out the London Colney Hedgehog Rescue website.

Contact us if your neighbourhood is interested in running a similar project, or you’d like to find out more about ours!