Hedgehog Street – Jennings, Blenheim and Clarence Rds

Welcome to the Jennings, Blenheim and Clarence ads Hedgehog Street project page! To join the Ladder Roads Hedgehog group on Facebook, click here.

A bit of argy bargy going on between the boys…but even when you’re showing who’s boss, if you get an itch, you just gotta scratch!

As part of Hedgehog Awareness Week, Jill (co-ordinator of this group) is raising money for the London Colney Hedgehog Rescue. Please help our local hedgehogs by donating on her JustGiving page.

A little montage of clips to show what goes on at the feeding station! Very relieved to see these two hogs – a young female and large male – last seen in the autumn, returning again, having survived winter, badgers and strimming! Hoping they can get it together and add to the population, although their first meeting wasn’t exactly a success! Also an insight into who else nicks the hedgehog food! 😂🦔

If you’d like to get involved, please email our group co-ordinator, Jill Priest Stevens (jill.priest@ntlworld.com).

Jill says – I have been a volunteer at the London Colney Hedgehog Rescue Centre for a number of years, and over that time I have fostered and re-released numerous hedgehogs into the Jennings/Clarence/Blenheim area. There are still wild hedgehogs around, but they really need our help. 

Luxury hedgehog house!

Hedgehog Street has been running a campaign to support hedgehogs in our own communities. This Ladder Roads project is to encourage households in this area of St Albans to make small changes in their gardens to help this endangered mammal. Many neighbours have now pledged to make their gardens hedgehog-friendly, including putting in holes.

I have a few hedgehogs who can’t be released. Two live in a large outdoor enclosure. They have a choice of housing, but Lawrence has chosen to make his own lovely nest under a piece of mdf leaning against a fence!

The areas of land between the ‘ladder roads’ (term courtesy of St Albans Council’s parking consultation!) is perfect for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs need access to 20-30 gardens to forage, and so where our gardens back onto each other, they have the ideal habitat – as long as we give them a helping hand.

This leaflet of top tips is a great way to start to make your garden a hedgehog haven.

Please join our facebook group for more advice, to share your sightings and connect with neighbours in your area.

Contact us if you would like a Hedgehog Street sign put up outside your house!

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