Hedgehog Holes

Hedgehogs need to move between our gardens so that they can forage successfully. Making holes in our boundary fences and walls ensures that they can, so our aim is to register as many hedgehog holes as possible along Wilderhood Watch Hedgehog Streets.

This is an ongoing project. To become involved, all you need to do is create a 13x13cm access hole in your wall or fence – please feel free to contact us if you would like any assistance with this. Then visit the Hedgehog Street website to register your hole. We want our roads to be marked as super hedgehog friendly on the Hedgehog Street map!

If your fence is very old, please do consider replacing it with a native hedgerow which can easily be sourced from the Woodland Trust. This is by far the most wildlife friendly solution.

27-03-19 – first Lancaster Road hedgehog caught on camera!

Hedges are more wildlife friendly than fences, but if a fence is the only option, try buying one with a purpose-built hedgehog hole!

Take a look at how many Lancaster/Gurney Court Rd hedgehog holes have been documented on the Big Hedgehog Map since the project launch:

If you live elsewhere, why not visit the Big Hedgehog Map and start a Hedgehog Street project in your neighbourhood too?

Dog proof Hedgehog Holes

Hedgehogs spotted using our highway

30-08-19 – our Lancaster Road hedgehogs regularly use this Hedgehog Hole

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