Bat Corridor

The Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads Group are in the process of planning their new Bat Corridor project.

10 Tips for making your garden more bat friendly:

  • Grow insect friendly flowers. (Go to our Pollinator Highway page to down-load our pollinator-friendly plant lists).
  • Dig a pond or add a bird bath
  • Let your grass grow long to provide food and habitat for insect larvae (caterpillars also love plants such as nettles, dandelions and birds-foot trefoil, all of which grow in meadow land)
  • Put up a bat box
  • Create linear features (our railway cutting is the perfect bat run!)
  • Reduce or remove artificial lighting – this disorientates bats
  • Keep cats indoors at night
  • Compost your waste
  • Make a log pile
  • Don’t use pesticides

I found these tips in Kate Bradbury’s excellent book, Wildlife Gardening.