Bat Corridor

The Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads Group are in the process of planning their new Bat Corridor project.

This will involve ensuring that the habitat created by the beautiful, mature trees along the railway line at the back of our properties, as well as our gardens, is as bat-friendly as possible. The railway bank is currently home to a huge array of wildlife including foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs and rare birds, and occasional sightings of bats in the trees have been recorded by several residents.

In the meantime, through our Pollinator Highway and Toad Road projects, we’ve been planting meadows in our gardens and encouraging Wilderhood Watch members to build ponds. Through our Buzz Stop initiative, the number of local green spaces that are now left unmown over the Summer is steadily increasing, creating more habitat for invertebrates to flourish.

10 Tips for making your garden more bat friendly:

  • Dig a pond or add a bird bath
  • Grow insect friendly flowers
  • Let your grass grow long to provide food and habitat for insect larvae (caterpillars also love plants such as nettles, dandelions and birds-foot trefoil, all of which grow in meadowland)
  • Put up a bat box
  • Plant a hedgerow
  • Reduce or remove artificial lighting – this disorientates bats
  • Keep cats indoors at night
  • Compost your waste
  • Make a log pile
  • Don’t use pesticides

These tips are from Kate Bradbury’s excellent book, Wildlife Gardening.

Lancaster Road Bat Sighting, May 2019

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