St Saviour’s Church Buzz Stop

St Saviour’s Church is home to a colony of swifts who must be enjoying the insects supported in part by our flourishing meadows. By installing swift boxes we’re hoping to boost their population even further. Watch this space for more details to follow!

June 2022 – our meadow just keeps getting better and better!

In July 2021 we spotted birds foot trefoil, yellow rattle, corncockle, cornflowers, tall buttercups, ox eye daisies, filed poppies, red sorrel, self heal, white campion, and a firm favourite of many species of bee, white clover.

As a lovely addition to making our Bernards Heath gardens more pollinator friendly, on March 14th 2020 we planted a wildflower meadow at St Saviour’s Church on Sandpit Lane. Over the Summer we spotted oxeye daisies, corn marigold, common corncockle, autumn hawkbit, bladder campion and birdsfoot trefoil growing, as well as lots of clover.

On Saturday, November 7th 2020 we reseeded a small section of the site in that hope that we will see even more wildflowers blooming come the Summer.

In March 2021 the native daffodils we planted did start to flower, but sadly were vandalised by pupils from a local secondary school. Hopefully it’s a passing phase and our daffodils will be left for pollinators only in the future!

On Saturday, 28th November we planted 70 wild daffodil bulbs along the bank by the hedge.

Please follow this link for information on upcoming Plant Swap Days.