Plant Swap Days

To celebrate the Great Big Green Week, we held a plant swap on Lancaster Rd on Saturday, September 25th from 10 – 12am.

To identify the best plants to share, just look for the flowers which attract bees and butterflies, and then check to make sure they aren’t invasive. (Some non-native plants such as fuschias and jasmine are fine, but if it’s a native, even better!) Please make sure any compost used is peat-free, and that the plants are free of insecticides or pesticides.

If you have been growing a meadow, any native seeds from that would be greatly appreciated. Plants such as yellow rattle and red campion are in high demand, as well as corncockle, vetch, wild carrot, scabious, knapweed and birds foot trefoil.

For other ideas on what to put out, take a look at our plant guide, kindly compiled by local garden designer and St Albans Friends of the Earth member Amanda Yorwerth.

If you would like to attend or initiate a Plant Swap Day, please contact us.

Lockdown Plant Swap

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, our plant swap on April 26th was postponed. Instead, Lancaster Rd residents swapped pollinator friendly plants and seeds by leaving them outside their houses for people to collect while exercising or walking their dogs.

Previous Plant Swap Days

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