Photography Competition 2020 Gallery


  • Over 18 – Jill PriestHoglets
  • Secondary School – Toby Davies (age 12), Leaf
  • Junior School – Eliott Forel (age 10), 7-Spot Ladybird
  • Infant School and below – Myles Lloyd (age 6), Wildflowers

Photo Galleries

  • Over 18
  • Secondary School
  • Junior School
  • Infant School and below

Over 18

Photographers: Joe Gray (Beefly) and Sue Arrand (Bluebell wood)

Photographers: Tayne Dunn-Parrant (7-spot ladybird) and Steven Robertson (Red-tailed bumblebee)

Photographers: Jill Priest (Robin with worm) and Mandy McNeil (Frog in Leaves)

Photographers: Fin Robinson (Small white butterfly) and Snjezana Boatswain (Magnolia)

Photographers: Alison Williams (Bluebell wood) and Letty Huckerby (Harlequin ladybirds mating)

Photographers: Esme Stevens (Fox) and Imogen Robertson (Buff-tailed bumblebee)

Photographers: Jill Priest (Baby hedgehogs) and Steven Robertson (Peacock butterfly)

Photographers: Kathryn Mee (Buff-tailed bumblebee on blossom) and Nadia Bishara (Male hairy-footed flowerbee on Lungwort)

Photographers: Imogen Robertson (Buff-tailed bumblebee on Lilac) and Tim Boatswain (Wag-tail building nest)

Photographer: Tim Boatswain (Wag-tail building nest)

Photographer: Lyndsay Lynch (Sunset and Misty landscape)

Photographers: Murray Dunlop (Coot) and Sarah Mennim (Midwife toad)

Photographer: Murray Dunlop (Owl in flight and Coots fighting)

Photographers: Sarah Mennim (Bluebells) and Amanda Yorwerth (Apple blossom)

Photographers (left to right): Snjezana Boatswain (Cathedral garden) and Alison Williams (Flowers in the rain)

Photographer: Lois Bishara (Dunedin harbour sunset and Harbour view)

Photographer: Sue Sykes (Autumn leaves and Sunset)

Photographers: Jill Priest (Feeding time for baby Robin) and Steven Robertson (Honey bee in flight)

Photographer: Marc Bishara (Bluebell wood and Daffodils)

Photographers: Romita Das (a clutch of Shield bug eggs on a pea shoot) and Joe Gray (Large red damselfly – female)

Photographers: Alan Fox (Heron, Grand Union Canal at Cowroast) and Ellie Matthews (Yellow archangel and bluebells)

Photographer: Sue Sykes (Great spotted woodpecker – juvenile) and Rosa Johnson (Buff-tailed bumblebee)

Photographer: Joe Gray (Speckled bush-cricket nymph) and Hanna Matthews (Cignets)

Photographers: Hanna Matthews (Cliff-top foxgloves) and Ellie Matthews (Evening bluebells)

Photographers: Tayne Dunn-Parrant (Spider spinning web) and Imogen Robertson (Rosemary beetle)

Photographer: Liz Warmington (Male broad-bodied chaser dragonfly and female broad bodied chaser dragonfly)

Photographer: Simon Pinder-White (Buff-tailed bumble-bee on flower and Buff-tailed bumble-bee on catmint)

Photographer: Amanda Yorwerth (Dragonfly)

Photographers: Becca O’Shea (Lime hawk moth) and Nadia Bishara (Female broad-bodied chaser dragonfly)

Photographer: Hilary Tyrell (Ash flowers and First leaves in woods)

Photographer: Hilary Tyrell (Bluebell wood)

Secondary School

Photographers: Madeleine Robertson, age 16 (Rose chafer beetle) and Lizzie Matthews, age 16 (Bluebell wood)

Photographer: Lizzie Matthews, age 16 (Sunset) and Cameron, age 12, (Woodland)

Photographer: Toby Davies, age 12 (Bluebell wood and Flower)

Photographers: Toby Davies, age 12 (Leaf) and Madeleine Robertson, age 16 (Shield bug)

Photographer: Fabiola Lambert, age 16 (Meadow brown butterfly – female)

Junior School

Photographer: Aidan Voisey, age 8 (Tadpoles in the pond)

Photographer: Eliott Forel, age 10 (Flooding at Verulamium pond and Parakeets)

Photographers : Eliott Forel, age 10 (7-spot ladybird) and Phoebe, age 10 (Flower in the rain)

Photographer: Phoebe, age 10 (Bluebells and Blossom)

Photographer: Bramley Biggar, age 10 (Pink tulip and Bee on thistle flower)

Photographers: Bramley Biggar, age 10 (Orange tulip) and Liv Dugdale, age 8 (Small red damselflies)

Photographer: Alannah Davies, age 9 (Pink flower and Spring flowers)

Infant School (and below)

Photographers: Evie, age 5 (moth close up) and Myles Lloyd, age 6 (Wildflowers)

Photographer: Evie, age 5 (moth)