Park Ave

We launched our group with the Hedgehog Street project in May 2023. Jill from the Ladder Roads Hedgehog Group (and coordinator of Ladder Roads Wilderhood Watch), came to talk to us about how to make our gardens hedgehog-friendly. We got to meet Millie, a friendly rescue hedgehog who is blind and therefore happy to be up and about in the daytime, who explored the lawn while we made an enclosure with our legs! (see photos below).

We focused on creating & identifying hedgehog access holes in our fences to link our gardens and mapped them on the Big Hedgehog Map. It was great to soon see them being used, as captured on this garden cam!

In 2024, we joined the Tweet Street project, taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch to see which species to support in our gardens with feeders and planting, as well as signing up for swift boxes as part of the Swift Action project, which we hope to have in place by 2025.

We are now turning our attention to the Pollinator Highway project, increasing the number of pollinator species in our gardens and sowing patches of wildflower meadows in our lawns or allowing small areas to grow wild. We plan to have our first plant swap this autumn.

If you live on Park Ave and would like to become involved with any of our projects, please contact Jo Mitchell (