The first Wilderhood Watch group has just been set up in Villiers Road in Oxhey, Watford, prompted by the sighting of a large adult hedgehog (see below).

These photographs were taken at dusk, when hedgehogs wake up and start foraging. If you see a hedgehog out during the day, it is very possibly unwell and in need of rescuing.

Hedgehogs used to be a common sight in the area 20 years ago, but have almost entirely disappeared, so it was very exciting and encouraging to know that there is a pair of hedgehogs surviving in the area.  (We know that we have at least one male and female as we recently found 4 baby hedgehogs that had unfortunately been killed by a fox(es) in one of our gardens).

We’re at the start of our journey but taking inspiration from the St Albans Wilderhood Watch groups and are starting by creating a Hedgehog Highway in part of our road.  We have 15 households signed up which will hopefully grow as people hear about it.

If you live in Oxhey and would like to join in, please contact Shirena at Shirena.counter@oveg.org.

For information on all the other work we’re doing in Oxhey to protect and enhance our environment, please check out our Oxhey Environment Group website at https://oxheyvillage.wordpress.com/environment/