Offa Rd, Abbey View Rd and Ver Rd

Welcome to our Offa Rd, Abbey View Rd and Ver Rd Wilderhood Watch page!

As part of our Pollinator Highway project, we’re encouraging residents to plant meadows. Our most recent one was sown in September 2023 in a garden in Offa rd, and we can’t wait to see it full of wildflowers next summer!

We are now running five projects between our three roads, including a Community Recycling initiative. This aims to support people to recycle items such as medication packets, which are not currently collected by the Council.

We had lots of fun meeting up to check out each other’s ponds and do a bit of pond dipping in Summer 2021. We’re hoping that our neighbours will take up the challenge and dig more ponds, creating more space for the little creatures who desperately need an aquatic environment to survive.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact our group co-ordinator, Tricia Gibbons at or ph. 07789 694748.

Our projects are:

Our plant stall at the beginning of June raised awareness of the amazing work Foodsmiles is doing by growing edibles in previously unused green sites across St Albans.