Tips for starting your own Wilderhood Watch Group

  1. First of all have a think about what concerns you most about your local environment. It may be that your street has very few trees, or that you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of litter lying around on grass verges by your house. You may be worried about single use plastic or you may have noticed a drop in the variety of wildlife visiting your garden. For other project ideas click here.
  2. Then discuss these concerns with your immediate neighbours and exchange ideas on how you could work together to address these problems. It may be for example that you decide to become a Hedgehog Street to encourage hedgehogs back into your gardens, or you might like to organise a neighbourhood litter-picking day.
  3. Once you’ve decided on your project, start a group chat so that you can all keep in touch, and contact us so that we can create a logo for you and set up your own webpage. To do this we will just need a short summary of the project you’ve decided on. If you like, we could make a first draft of a leaflet (see examples here) for you to distribute to the rest of the people on your road.
  4. Try if you can to actually speak to your neighbours in person rather than just posting a leaflet through their doors. Use the leaflet as an initial talking point to engage them in a discussion about the project, and if you can, suggest that they join your group chat so that they can stay in the loop. Try not to be discouraged if some people aren’t interested – it’s amazing what you can achieve even if only a few people on your street are actively engaged.
  5. Remember to keep us up to date on any developments so that we can add to your webpage as necessary – we will be very excited to have you on board.

Wishing you all the best from the Wilderhood Watch team!

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