Hogs in Summer

Following on from May’s noisy ‘rut’ in the hedgehog world, June is the month in which we are most likely to see hedgehogs nest building or even out during the day feeding, whilst their hoglets sleep. However, if you do spot a hedgehog in the day limping, wobbling or looking like it’s sunbathing it needs your help.  Please click here for more information. 

Hedgehogs have an average litter size of four or five hoglets and usually successfully wean two or three of them.  The female hedgehog feeds and cares for her litter alone, taking her young on foraging trips once they are three to four weeks old.

A hedgehog’s natural diet consists mainly of slugs, beetles, caterpillars and worms but as these are often scarce we can supplement a hog’s diet with wet meat based cat or dog food or dry cat biscuits.

Remember to put out a shallow dish of water too. You can also buy a range of dry and semi moist hedgehog food from most pet shops and garden centres.

To help protect the food from local cats and foxes why not make a feeding station? Check this link for a very simple design.