Hedgehog Street – Woodstock Rd South, Eaton Rd and Arthur Rd

Welcome to our Woodstock Rd South, Eaton Rd and Arthur Rd Hedgehog Street project page!

Here’s hedgehog Jerry licking rain water off some leaves.

This little 7-week old hog was found wandering around in daylight behaving very strangely, and covered in fleas and ticks. He is now being looked after by Sarah, who will release him once he reaches 450g. If you see a hedgehog out during the day it very possibly needs help, especially if it’s looking lethargic. The Wildlife Trust has lots of helpful advice on what to do, and Wilderhood Watch members can always alert their Wilderhood Watch chat for immediate help.

One of our frequent visitors enjoying a snack and then a nap!

A neighbourhood cat investigates!

A hedgehog recently spent the night curled up in one of our Wilderhood Watch Hedgehog Houses on Woodstock Rd South, much to everyone’s excitement. Here’s a video of him/her having a snack at the feeding station just in front of the house.

Here’s another sighting of one of our resident hedgehogs, at a neighbour’s garden along the road!

Here are two earlier sightings of our night time visitors. A gorgeous little hedgehog and a beautiful but rather cunning fox. Hopefully the adaptations we’ve made to our feeding station will ensure the fox is unable to reach the food, leaving our hedgehog to enjoy his/her midnight snack.

In order to protect our hedgehogs from cars, and to ensure they have access to food and shelter, we are asking everybody to make sure there is an opening of 13cm x 13cm in their garden fences. That way, our hedgehogs can roam freely between our gardens in search of food, and won’t need to cross the busy road.

When you have made your hole, please register it on The Big Hedgehog Map, so we can monitor how much freedom to roam our hedgehogs are gaining:

We have recently put up signs on Arthur Rd and Woodstock Rd South to encourage people to drive slowly and keep our street safe for roaming hedgehogs, as well as other wildlife.

If you would like to become involved, please email our group co-ordinator Sue Appel at suerappel@gmail.com.