Hedgehog Street – Salisbury Ave and Garden Close

One of our Salisbury Ave hedgehogs enjoying his/her dinner!

We have seen many hedgehogs over the years in our gardens, and are keen to protect them and make sure they can flourish.

Hedgehogs need to travel over a mile a night in order to find food, mates and shelter, so it’s very important that they have access to all the gardens along Salisbury Ave and Garden Close, and that they are Hedgehog Friendly. That means, amongst other things, please don’t use slug pellets!

Please help the hedgehogs on our street by making sure you have a 13cm x 13cm hole in your garden fences, or even better, replace old fences with native hedgerows. (The Woodland Trust has lots of sapling packs suitable for hedge planting to choose from.) By registering your hole on the Big Hedgehog Map, along with any hedgehog sightings, it will help scientists monitor the hedgehog population in our area.

Please have a look at our Lancaster and Gurney Court Rd project page for further information on keeping hedgehogs safe, along with information on how to create a dog-friendly hedgehog hole!