Hedgehog Street – Offa Rd, Abbey View Rd and Ver Rd

Welcome to our Offa Rd, Abbey View Rd and Ver Rd Hedgehog Street page!

Here’s a recent visitor to an Abbey View Rd garden! So reassuring to know we still have hedgehogs alive and well on our streets. Please follow the link below to find out how you can help them flourish.

Our Sustfest 2021 stall was full of information all about hedgehogs, and making our gardens safer and more hospitable for them. Thanks to a little bit of data collecting, we now have a much better idea of which gardens on our streets hedgehogs can access. Please make sure hedgehogs are able to enter and exit your garden easily, and avoid using any chemicals, especially slug pellets!

If you already have a hole in your garden fence or hedge, please register it with the Big Hedgehog Map so that we can monitor how free our hedgehogs are to roam in our neighbourhood.

Our Hedgehog Stall on Wednesday 17th June was a great success. There was lots of information on creating a Hedgehog Street, looking after our hedgehogs, quizzes, competitions and hedgehog cakes!

Well done to Emily from Abbey View Rd for her winning entry in our Hedgehog competition!

Congratulations to Rhyah from Offa Rd for being the lucky winner in the draw for “Name the Hedgehog”. We’re sure that Spike will be very happy in his new home.

We hope you enjoy the video footage of our local hedgehogs (and some other friends) visiting an Abbey View Road garden.

Watch this space for more hedgehog videos, information, fun facts and activities!