Hedgehog Street – Clifton Street

Welcome to our Clifton Street Hedgehog Project page!

Residents have had numerous hedgehogs visiting gardens on Clifton Street and have been very busy helping them out. Four hoglets were rescued in late Autumn 2019 and were over-wintered, due to their small size. Three of them are now full size and will be ready to be released in the next week or so.

A hedgehog feeding in Simon’s garden (watched by his curious cat!)

This little straw-covered hedgehog is called Squeak. When Simon found him in his garden in late Autumn 2018 he only weighed 265g. After spending the Winter at the Hedgehog Rescue Centre he returned a healthy 900g (as you can see!) If you find a hedgehog as small as or smaller than a mango (like Squeak was), please keep it warm and take it to the vet or a rescue centre, as it will be too small to survive the Winter.

Hedgehogs need to travel over a mile a night in order to find food, mates and shelter, so it is very important that they have access to all the gardens along Clifton Street, and that they are Hedgehog Friendly. That means, amongst other things, please don’t use slug pellets!

Please help the hedgehogs in your street by making sure you have a 13cm x 13cm hole in the fence between your garden and your neighbour’s. By registering it on the Big Hedgehog Map, along with any hedgehog sightings, it will help scientists monitor the hedgehog population in our area.

Let’s see how many Hedgehog Holes we can add to our street on the Big Hedgehog Map:

Take a look at the Lancaster and Gurney Court Roads project page for dog proof hedgehog hole ideas.

For more information on how to get involved, or to join the Clifton Street facebook page, please email Simon on sdcpwhite@gmail.com.