Welcome to our Harpenden Wilderhood Watch page!

Projects we’re running so far

We are thrilled to be running three Wilderhood Watch projects on Marquis Lane. As residents of Marquis Lane are lucky enough to have the Batford Springs Nature Reserve on their doorstep, this gives them a great opportunity to expand and enhance their gardens for wildlife to thrive.

Residents are keen to create more space for the wildlife already making their homes in the reserve, so have decided to run a Pollinator Highway project. We think that by concentrating on boosting insect populations at first, this will have the added effect of also providing more food and habitat for small mammals and birds.

Residents are also keen to attract more birds, so we have joined with Fleetville Swifts in St Albans to run a Swift Action project. This will involve encouraging as many residents as possible to install swift boxes. We’re also excited to be part of the Tweet Street project, which will be focusing on specific species and how to attract them.

Finally, we couldn’t resist running a Toad Road project, as it is well known that creating a pond in your garden is the best way to increase biodiversity.

If you live on Marquis Lane and would like to be involved, or if you are a Harpenden resident who would like your road to run a Wilderhood Watch project, please contact Helen at helen6789@live.co.uk.