Gurney Court Road Buzz Stop

Our Buzz Stop has been looking beautiful this Summer, with wildflowers such as yarrow, cornflowers and poppies providing much needed food for pollinators. (July 2021)


By late April 2021 the daffodils kindly donated to us by the St Albans BID were in full bloom. Many thanks to Wilderhood Watch members Kathy and Andrew for their beautiful planting scheme!

In March 2021 we had our first season of flowering native daffodils at our Buzz Stop. Let’s hope there’ll be even more next year!

Now that our Buzz Stop is on the St Albans City Council’s meadow mowing schedule, we are happy to say that the grass was kept long and wildflowers had the chance to flourish. In Summer 2020 we identified a few natives such as cow parsley, knapweed and corncockle growing there, as well as some interesting fungi!

On Tuesday January 14th 2020 we began transforming The Gurney Court Road bus stop into a Buzz Stop by planting six pollinator-friendly saplings (rowan, wild cherry, hazel, goat willow and crabapple).

On Saturday November 7th 2020 we decided to add to the biodiversity of the site by planting a small patch of native wild flower seeds. We hope this will lead to an even more colourful display this Summer.

On Friday, November 27th 2020, Wilderhood Watch members Andrew and Kathy planted 70 wild daffodil bulbs, as well as around 200 narcissi two weeks later.

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