Take Action

As a neighbourhood you can establish your own Wilderhood Watch group and create projects or launch campaigns relevant to your neighbourhood. We will provide you with a group page on our website, as well as a project page and logo for new projects.

Already have a neighbourhood project? We’d love your group to become part of our Wilderhood Watch network! Contact us to share your project and have it added to our website.

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Help us to turn St Albans into a wildlife friendly city, one neighbourhood project at a time!

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Other Ways to Take Action

Make a donation to Wild Justice, an organisation set up by Chris Packham in February 2019 to fight for wildlife. Your donation will be used to take organisations who threaten wildlife to court.

Switch your search engine to Ecosia. “At Ecosia, we’re not only concerned with running on clean energy; we want to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to tackle climate change.”

Switch to a 100% Green energy supplier

Switch your money to an ethical, sustainable bank such as Triodes.

Take the WWF Environmental Footprint Calculator questionnaire to find out the impact your lifestyle has on the environment.

Offset your Carbon Emissions here. “Carbon offsetting is an internationally recognised way to take responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions.”

Sign current national petitions

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