George St

Welcome to our George St web page! We are creating a wonderful wildlife friendly garden behind the George Street Canteen with the help of the Wildlife Gardening Champions team, a collaboration between Wilder St Albans and Wilderhood Watch.

Julie holding a plan of our new Canteen wildlife garden!

The above photos show a bug hotel, pond, dead hedge and compost bins, all great habitats that we know will entice a wide variety of animals into our garden. We have also created a chalk meadow to attract butterflies, as well as planted hedges and a wide variety of native pollinator friendly flowers.

Our neighbourhood animals will flourish if more of our gardens are not only super friendly for wildlife, but are connected by small holes in fences, so that animals such as hedgehogs are able to move freely between them. So, as well as creating a stunning garden for people and wildlife on George St, we also want to link our garden with as many of our neighbours ones as possible, to create our very own green corridor.

If you live on George St, we would love you to become involved with our first two projects: Hedgehog Street and Pollinator Highway.

To become part of our Hedgehog Street, all you need to do is allow hedgehogs access into your garden by creating a 13x13cm hole in your fence, clearing any debris that you think they might get tangled in, and refraining from using chemicals such as slug pellets. For further information, please visit our Wilderhood Watch Hedgehog Street page.

Our Pollinator Highway project involves planting flowers in your garden that will give pollinators a year-round supply of pollen and nectar. For ideas on what to plant, check out our Pollinator Highway page, or pay a visit to the George St Canteen Garden!

Please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin or Julie at the George St Canteen ( or ph. 01727 831 540) if you would like further information on both our projects, or would like to volunteer to help in the Canteen Garden.