Fontmell Close

Welcome to our Fontmell Close Wilderhood Watch page!

As you can see, we already have lots of pollinator-friendly plants growing in our gardens. We’re challenging keen gardeners on our street to share their knowledge (and plants!) to make all of our gardens a bit more wildlife friendly. Our Pollinator Highway Project will hopefully encourage residents to collaborate so that insects including bees and butterflies will enjoy a supply of nectar and pollen all year round.

As we are lucky enough to have hedgehogs visiting our gardens, we would also like to give them the best possible chance of survival. Our Hedgehog Street Project will first involve making sure our gardens are safe from chemicals and debris, and then putting 13cmx13cm holes in our fences so that hedgehogs can roam freely.

This Fontmell Close pond is providing a valuable source of water for all its garden wildlife. Carefully placed bricks ensure that hedgehogs are able to safely exit the pond if they accidentally fall in.

Hedgehogs’ favourite food are caterpillars and beetles, so grow some of your grass long to create caterpillar habitat and create a log pile to entice beetles. Long grass and log piles also make great hiding places for our spiky friends.

If you would like to become involved with either or both of these projects, please contact our street coordinator, Gary Young.