Flora Grove, Breakspear Ave and Vanda Cresc

Welcome to the Flora Grove, Breakspear Ave and Vanda Cresc Wilderhood Watch page!

We were so excited to discover that we have hedgehogs visiting our gardens. Planting more wildflowers and leaving patches of grass unmown will really help them, along with other simple measures such as giving them access to our gardens with 13x13cm holes in fences or planting hedges.

Faith Lucas, Flora Grove street coordinator writes: The Flora Grove Group of Wilderhood Watch looked forward to their opening launch in September to carry on the history of flowers that exist in this area.

Frederick Sanders, born in Bremen in 1847, began his business in St Albans as a seed merchant at 21 George Street (now Trinder), and subsequently bought 4 acres of land near The Camp where he built a family home and established a large number of greenhouses for selling orchids.  Orchids arrived from all over the world, sent by his team of orchid hunters, arriving at the greenhouses by rail, which he regarded as essential to his business. By 1883 he had created the largest orchid business in Europe. He was awarded the Victoria Medal of Honour for his services to horticulture and in 1886 he was appointed the Royal Orchid Grower. 

The road names Flora Grove and Vanda Crescent (from the orchid named after Sander (“Vanda Sanderina”) are redolent of this illustrious past.  The residents of Flora Grove together with Wilderhood Watch are looking forward to working together to create a Pollinator Highway to continue this floral tradition.  

By growing plants for pollinators in every garden and for every season, we’ll create a highway for pollinators, ensuring that insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies flourish along our three connecting streets. For more information please contact Flora Grove coordinator Faith at faith.lucas04@googlemail.com , Breakspear Ave coordinator Davina at davinathomas@vivaldi.net or Vanda Cresc coordinator Sarah at VandaSarah@outlook.com .