Corona Lockdown 2020

(previously our St Albans Sustainability Festival 2020 page)

Due to the Corona virus lockdown, we will all be spending more time in our gardens. Because of this, Wilderhood Watch is keen to run our two events which were originally planned for this year’s Sustfest, as both of them are activities you can carry out in the safety of your own homes. They are also very child-friendly!

  • The Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge 2020 (this challenge has now been completed – check out our Sunflower photo gallery here)
  • The Wilderhood Watch Photography Competition (entries for this are now closed)

The Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge 2020

This challenge is part of our Pollinator Highway Project. Along with support from Grow Community – Sopwell, we challenged St Albans residents to plant as many sunflowers as possible in their gardens during the lockdown.

Our final tally for the Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge 2020 was an amazing 1898 seeds planted! Despite lockdown, we managed to distribute over 1000 seed packets to residents by setting up several collection hubs around St Albans. Thank you to everyone who planted seeds – we can’t wait to see sunflowers popping up everywhere throughout the Summer!

Residents all over St Albans took advantage of the lovely sunny weather to plant their seeds. Get ready for a huge explosion of sunflowers across the district this Summer!

We sourced our seeds from Bee Happy Plants, a competitively priced and organic product.

The Wilderhood Watch Photography Competition 2020

Congratulations to our competition winners!

  • Over 18 – Jill PriestHoglets
  • Secondary School – Toby Davies (age 12), Leaf
  • Junior School – Eliott Forel (age 10), 7-Spot Ladybird
  • Infant School and below – Myles Lloyd (age 6), Wildflowers

Prizes were two small, hand knitted hedgehogs along with their very own hand built house!