Chiswell Green

Welcome to our Chiswell Green Wilderhood Watch page!

We’re encouraging all streets in Chiswell Green to join in with our Pollinator Highway and Hedgehog Street projects. If enough of us get involved, we could really make a difference to biodiversity in our area, by planting pollinator friendly flowers and allowing hedgehogs safe passage through our gardens.

Check out Wilderhood Watch Chiswell Green coordinator Anna Barratt’s latest blog here!

Swapping plants with your neighbours is the best way to create a Pollinator Highway along your street!

We held a Wilderhood Watch stall at our 2022 Autumn Wildlife Festival, to inspire people to start one of our projects.

In October 2022 we launched our Pollinator Highway project by creating a Buzz Stop at the Greenwood UR Church. By mid-summer we’re hoping this large area of lawn will be transformed into a beautiful wildflower meadow!

If you would like your street in Chiswell Green to start running a Wilderhood Watch project, please contact Anna Barrett at

Chiswell Green’s Wilderhood Watch streets so far!