2021 Photography Competition Gallery

Over-18s entries

Red Campion in Our Garden and Three Cornered Leek at Ayot Green by Hilary Tyrell

Dandelion Verge by Pam Maisey and Robins Sharing a Snack by Jill Priest

Horse Chestnut Tree ‘Candles’ by Hilary Tyrell and Damselflies laying eggs by Tristam Owen

Robin with Worm and Blue Tit by Jill Priest

Honey Bee on a Forget-me-not and Ants on a Gerbera by Helen White

Meconopsis Blue Himalayan Poppy by Philip Nixon and Wood Anemone by Matthew Durkin

Beautiful Duck by Helen White and Magnolia by Matthew Durkin

Buff-tailed bumblebee on cosmos and Epiphyllum flower by Michiko Ractliffe

Bumblebees by Danni Anders

Frog by Steven Robertson and “Just good Friends” by Keith Clilverd

Ruru (Morepork) by Tayne Dunn-Parrant and Log pile by Sara Salman

Tauhou (Silvereye) and Sunset with Oystercatchers by Imogen Robertson

Water droplets on Leaves and Blossom by Sara Salman

Mayfly at Coopers Green Lane and Small Blue at Rose Farm by Malcolm Hull

Male Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly on an Iris and Male Large Red Damselfly on a Buttercup by Nadia Bishara

Female Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly on Kidney Vetch by Malcom Hull and Ashy Mining Bee on Euphorbium by Nadia Bishara

Common garden spider babies by Matthew Durkin and Horse in Buttercup field by Amanda Yorwerth

Goldfinches by Steven Robertson and Kahikatea trees by Imogen Robertson

Rain on Smoke Tree and Fern Heart by Danielle Durant-Taylor

Safe in Mother’s Wings by Danielle Durant-Taylor

Tui and Kaka by Tayne Dunn-Parrant

Male Banded Demoiselle damselfly and Honeybee on Dandelion by Juliet Voisey

Swan and Signet by Juliet Voisey and Newt blowing bubble by Steven Robertson

Lupins at Ellenbrook by Amanda Yorwerth

Norfolk December 2020 by Liz Warmington

Common Frog and Male Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly by Pam Maisey

Seagull by Wiz Maisey

Secondary School entries

7-spot ladybird in long grass and Moth on Red campion by Madeleine Robertson (age 17)

Bluebells by Sofia Havsteen-Franklin (age 17) and 16-spot ladybird by Madeleine Robertson

Bluebell wood by Sofia Havsteen-Franklin (age 17) and Reed beds on the River Ver by Pedro Ubeda (age 18)

Early Bumblebee in Flight by Enora Hauduc (age 12)

An Afternoon Snack and Pink Flowers by Enora Hauduc (age 12)

Flooding at Verulamium Lake by Pedro Ubeda (age 18)

Junior School entries

Artichoke and Poppies by Phoebe

Infant School entries

Spring leaves and Baby spiders by Olive Johnson (age 5)

Snail by Olive Johnson (age 5)